What is life?

So yesterday I turned 20 years old and it meant something to me. I know people say that you don’t really become an adult until you’re 21 but I think it begins earlier than that.

I guess it depends on the person. .

Now normally I’m always thinking of the future and worrying about what the plan for me is. What is my divine providence leading me towards? I’m a worrywart.

but yesterday

Yesterday I think it really hit me. 
For the past few months I’ve been going through some sort of identity crisis. I was good with myself but when it came to what I wanted to do with my life:

There is no way that I can NOT know what I’m going to be doing with my life!!  After having spoken to a few friends, I realized that we were all oddly going through the same issues. Everything was changing. The majors and career goals that we had planned on following through with in our senior year of high school was no longer of interest to us.
. . .well that’s not entirely true.
I’m still a crazy history stan (whew! Can we briefly discuss Thomas Jefferson?)
the funny thing?
I was constantly told that my career goals were going to change and I repeatedly doubted it. . out loud. Now I’m thinking that it was very possible that I was jinxed!
So I’m thinking the cure to this little situation is taking the time out to rediscover myself and my interests and do some research and get some experience in life. I’ve been feeling so inspired by people and things and I’m glad that we live in the world that we’re living in today where everyone is creating their own path to success.
There is no step-by-step booklet on success.

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