Tune Out Sunday's | vol. 9

Happy Sunday, folks!

I hope that your week was as good as mine was! Okay, so maybe my actual week was pretty low-key, but my weekend has been jam-packed! This past week was my last full week at my last school and because we are nearing to the end of the school year, the work load has been very light. I cannot complain.. It feels pretty good to almost be done and I’m thinking maybe I’ll miss the shy brats!

On a more personal note, I’m proud of myself for sitting down and posting more on here, as I stated it was my goal from last week. If you missed my latest post on my challenges of working as an ALT, check it out and tell me what you think!

On an even more personal note, I’m trying to hold on to this money since I’m leaving Japan and moving back to the US. I’m doing a pretty crappy job of it, but that’s another story….

Toy Sapiens Fan Girl

This weekend I had such a good time getting lost in the Shibuya area of Tokyo and exploring parts of the city I’ve never been to. My wandering led me to this toy store called Toy Sapiens, which is the best name. Toy Sapiens sells these high class bendable action figures from comics like Marvel and other big films, (Suicide Squad, Star Wars). Now, I couldn’t previously see myself spending almost $800 for an Iron Man action figure, but after seeing how realistic the figurines are I gotta admit, I’m pretty tempted…

As I was strolling through the store I also noticed, they were selling Pop! Vinyl pop culture toys…I don’t really know the name. It’s the Funko brand. In any case, they had HARRY POTTER figurines and I just about died. I was later informed that these dolls are sold practically everywhere in the US and I’ve been sleeping under the biggest rock! Nevertheless, I couldn’t leave without buying one and decided on the last Harry Potter character.

Highs + Goals

+ Highs: My highlight of this week was having a truly adventurous Saturday. The most interesting days for me is when I go out of the house expecting to do one thing and then end up doing something else that’s equally as awesome. It’s all about spontaneity and going with the flow with me.

+Goals: My goal for this week is to continue to write, edit, and upload blog posts. I also really want to clean some things up on here in terms of former post cause the further back I go… WHEW!

Anyway, what are your highlights from last week and upcoming goals you plan to knock out for this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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