Tune Out Sunday's | vol. 7

This week was so rough for me. I was over the whole week by MONDAY, which is really saying something. I’ve become so annoyed with the lack of organization in one of my school’s. One big pet peeve of mine is people being unreliable and not having their crap together and it affecting my work. You can be all unorganized and incompetent¬†with your own personal life all you want, but when it affects me, that’s when we have a problem. So I was dealing with a lot of that this week and it really had me wound up. I was ready to book my flight out of here!

Other than the work crisis, my week was good. I did my normal food shopping and blogging and exercising. I did fall off with my C25K app this week, but I have plans to get back on it completely this week. I’m putting it out there now that this week is going to be AMAZING because I said so!

Slay, girl, SLAY!

When it comes to my hair I definitely fall along the boring side. I don’t do very much with it when it comes to styling. I do have a consistent routine where I wash it every week and wear it in twists for the majority of the week and then wear twist outs toward the end of the week and repeat the cycle. However, I’m finding that my hair isn’t really growing and I want a break from this routine, so I’ve been looking into different protective styles.

After much consideration, I decided to do crochet braids with big wand curls. Because I’m trying to save money and I live in Japan where it’s hard to find people to do your hair, I decided to do it myself. With the power of YouTube videos, my Facebook group, and my persistence combined, I was able to get it done in less than a day and I’m feeling pretty good about it!

Although the protective style is the same color as my natural hair and just a fuller look than how I usually wear my hair, I don’t feel like it’s such a drastic change. It’s still something I have to get used to though. I definitely still chuckle at myself when I look in the mirror. Here’s hoping that it lasts for the month!

Highs + Goals

+ One highlight of my week is that I accomplished completing this new hairstyle. I’m such a beginner cornrow braider and was a bit concerned about the braiding foundation, but I’m glad I was able to get it done and don’t have to worry about my hair for a bit.

+ One goal that I have for this week is really tightening my belt (?) and getting my job search underway for the month of November. Gotta kick it up!

What was one highlight from your past week and what is a goal you have for this upcoming week? Let me know in the comments below!

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