Tune Out Sunday's | vol. 5


Hello, folks!

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything on here. The past week and half has been so busy because I did some traveling last weekend! I had the pleasure of visiting and exploring Kyoto and Osaka last weekend. It was so fun and was a much needed break from my daily hum drum life. I definitely hope to visit again, but for now I’m just going through all the pictures and videos I captured. Be sure to look out for a post of my trip within the next few weeks!

Living the “Mixed Dorm” life

As I mentioned in this post, my first time ever staying in a hostel was in Ito. It was a great experience so when there was an opportunity to travel again, I decided┬áto book with the same company from Ito in Kyoto. The only difference was this time, there were no female dorm beds available…so I decided to stay in a mixed dorm room. This meant both men and women (and apparently children) could book a bed in the dorm. I was wary of the risks and went along with booking anyway all the while hoping the 8-bed dorm room would be full of women.

I was wrong. I was the only girl in the dorm in a room that smelled like boys. It honestly smelled like wet dog, but my main concern was my safety. Although, I did have a difficult time sleeping that night because of the constant open and closing of the door and the sub-par air conditioner, I was not at all harmed or felt like I was in danger at any point. So all in all, the first time staying in a mixed dorm hostel was okay and only got better the next two days as I moved to the next hostel in Osaka, which was also mixed dorm room, albeit much larger and comfortable.

Highs + Goals

+ One highlight of my week was taking the chance to do something different and explore another area of Japan that was on my list

+ A goal I have for next week is getting better with planning blog posts. I have ideas written in notebooks and a lot of things in draft, but I don’t have any set plans for when they will be released and I want to get that machine well-oiled and running!

Comment below and tell me what are your highlights from the past week and a goal you have for the upcoming week!

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