Tune Out Sunday's | vol. 4

Good morning! I’ve been at this for 4 weeks now! (Its the small wins you have to celebrate!)

This week was super rough for me. I don’t get upset often, but I updated my iPhone to the iOS 10 update and what happened as a result royally pissed me off. My phone was barely functioning due to the insanely slow speed it was performing at and my patience was wearing thin. I really wanted to roll up in the Apple store and get on this lady’s level! Thankfully, that wasn’t necessary as my phone decided to get right.

Other than that little tiff, my week was good. I took some blog pictures and just strolled around my neighborhood yesterday. I mentioned in last week’s post that one of my goals for this week was to stay within my weekly budget. I did go $50 over my budget for the week, but I believe I can continue to work on that and with more discipline, stay within my budget.

Best Noodle Shop

Now the #1 main reason as to why I went over that budget was partially because of this noodle shop I discovered near my train station. I couldn’t tell you what the name of the dish is because I’m not sure myself. However I do know that it’s dry noodles served with a small spicy beef soup bowl on the side. Like tsukemen ramen, you have to dip the noodles into the broth and slurp up the deliciousness. (5pts if you slurp it loudly in Japan) Now you have a choice between two types of noodles, soba or udon. I tried them both and prefer the soba noodle with this dish. This soup has definitely become my new addiction and it’s fresh and less than 500 yen!

Highs + Goals

+ A highlight of my week was launching my first series called, The Wellness Series. I’m proud of getting that up and started and can’t wait to produce more content for that series. Check it out if you haven’t already!

+ One goal I have for this week is to record a weekly Vlogtober for my YouTube channel. I’d just love to become more disciplined with editing and uploading content on there. So I’m really excited to just do that for myself and I’m looking forward to what this week will yield.

How was your past week?

What are your ‘Highs + Goals’ for the coming week?

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