Tune Out Sundays | vol. 1

Good morning world! Welcome to this new series I call “Tune Out Sundays.” In this series I am going to do a quick review of my week, share one new thing I did this week, and a few links to things that made me laugh and smile. We all need some more laughter and good vibes in the world so I really wanted to be a resource for people who are feeling not so good. I hope you enjoy this series!

This is the second week back to work and I’m amazed at how I got through it with such ease and a LOT of productivity. I’m starting to make some real changes in regards to what I’m eating, what I’m doing, and how I spend my time and that’s due to a legit change in the way I think and what I’m consuming.

Soon I’ll be sharing a few podcasts and people that are helping me to become a better version of myself and just thrive. We’re gonna make sure this change is consistent!

Flexin’ my cooking skills

This week I made a “summer salad” with avocado, peach, and cucumber. I found the recipe on Sweet Potato Soul. The recipe didn’t call for many ingredients and seemed simple enough. I was most concerned about finding fresh Dill in the supermarkets here. Sometimes the herbs have different names here or they may not carry the fresh herbs at all. Thankfully, I was able to find it AND apple cider vinegar (which I JUST remembered I have haha) in my local supermarket. I didn’t use cayenne pepper, because that’s one thing I can’t find in Japan. The salad tasted great without it and was so refreshing. I will definitely make more before the peach season is over. Give it a try if you feel up to it!

Have a laugh

:: This girl was so fed up with her face mask. I love her accent though!

:: Joanne’s ultimate scam happens here

:: This throwback video has me feeling jealous I was too young to enjoy the 90s

:: Her series on YouTube helped me get through college and now she’s airing a hilarious show on HBO October 9th!

I hope you guys had a great weekend and I wish you a productive week! 

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