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In this week’s post, I would like to share with you the gem that is Black Girl in Om (BGIO). I was first introduced to this brand on Twitter! Black Girl in Om is a brand founded by Lauren Ash that creates a safe space for women of color to discuss anything pertaining to holistic health and wellness. Black Girl in Om has an amazing website full of stunning imagery and a publication that includes interviews and pieces from women around the world focused on topics such as body, space, mind, and soul. BGIO Founder, Lauren Ash and Art Director, Zakkiyyah Najeebah host a podcast as well called Black Girl in Om, which was honestly the first thing that had me hooked to the brand and their vision. On their twitter account, they often lead twitter discussions every month, with the last discussion focusing on healing. Black Girl in Om is such a necessity in the black community and will definitely be here to stay and I strongly encourage you, even if you aren’t black to check out their online publication and biweekly podcasts. It’s GOLD.

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Black Girl in Om definitely introduced me to a lifestyle I didn’t know I was searching for and was unaware of how absent it was in the community. From their constant discussions surrounding mental health, affirmations, and all around need for self-care, it feels so good to be involved in a community that says, “We see you. You are beautiful. Your issues are worth being addressed. We got you.” 

Black people hold on to so much trauma, both individually and generationally, that it absolutely impacts our mental health as well as our physical being and I’m so happy to see this emergence of millennials who are vocalizing their concern and encouraging people  to seek help. I think we’re so conditioned to keep everything inside and not let anyone from the outside know of our personal family business, but I believe that mindset is damaging and ought to be discouraged for the sake of our mental clarity.

Black Girl in Om truly is a safe space and I can’t really put into words how relieving and freeing it feels to turn on a podcast after a rough week and release all of my negative energy by breathing through Lauren’s guided meditations and smiling as I connect so deeply with what’s being said. They get it.

My favorite pieces from BGIO’s publication that have helped me are Share an Exhale with Me, Jewels from the Hinterland, Sex With Me, and Falling in Love With Me

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