That Time this French Lady Tried It – #TravelTuesday

In my travels there aren’t many times where I feel like I’m pushed to come out of my character. I’m not a confrontational person and I don’t really put myself in positions where I end up fighting or arguing with anyone. However, when I was in Ireland, I had a moment where my patience was tested and this French lady really tried it with me. Here is my story. (DUH DUH).

On my short trip to Ireland my friend and I booked a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher, Burren National Park, and Galway and I was most excited for it! We had to wake up at the crack of dawn to walk down to the main center of the city in order to catch the bus. We ended up getting there super early because seats weren’t assigned and I’m an anal person who loves sitting in the front and catching EVERYTHING! I mean, I wasn’t trying to miss a street sign!

We were successful-ish in getting good seats in the second row of this luxurious bus! I had never been on a coach bus that nice – it was decked out in comfortable seats, large, expansive windows, wifi and even a port to place your phone charger. Since we were both eager to see everything we took the window seats on each side so we weren’t sitting together. As I settled in and the people filed onto the bus, this French family (consisting of all adults) took the last remaining seats which were next to me and my friend and the first row. After a cute little game of musical chairs, the family finally settled in too and we were on our way!

The bus ride was going so smoothly even after we hopped off for a snack at the Barack Obama center.  Yes, I was so hype to see that and took all of the pictures. It made me feel good that at least Ireland knew how to show love to the last compassionate President America would see for a while! I digress! We hopped back on the bus after that pit stop and went on to the amazing Cliffs of Moher where we enjoyed a light hike and an unforgettable view of the Atlantic ocean and Ireland’s natural beauty.

Things didn’t go awry until we left the Cliffs of Moher and stopped in The Burren. The Burren National Park is an epic visual of how great nature is. The park is made up of these gigantic boulders – they’re incredibly MASSIVE, that were left behind when the ocean began to recede. We had the opportunity to stop there before spending some time in Galway. My friend and I stopped and took great pictures and marvelled at the beauty of the space and after time was up we headed back to the bus to resume our trip.

Once I stepped on the bus, it took a moment for me to register why I couldn’t get into my seat. It was because this French mother and sister who sat between me and my friend decided (on their own) to sit together. In MY seat. So in true common sense form, I reminded her that it was my seat she was sitting in. Maybe they just wanted to sit together while the bus stopped and she would be returning to her seat soon? I was hopeful this was it. No. Did you know this full-grown woman had the audacity to gesture to the aisle seat beside my friend as if it never occurred to me that I could sit next to her all this time instead of the seat I chose and paid for and say “You’re together, no?”. Through the power of the Brooklyn gods, I calmly stated that I wanted to sit in my seat and refused to sit anywhere else but the seat I chose until she got up.

She huffed and she puffed but in the end she got up and moved back to her original seat, and although the ride for the next few minutes was awkward as hell sitting next to her daughter, I’m glad I didn’t back down. Moral of the story? If you want to sit with your family, don’t be late getting on the bus. The non petty moral? Don’t let these moments ruin your trip. After we left that bus, that family didn’t matter to me. What did matter is that I didn’t let that moment ruin the rest of the bus trip and I appreciated my seat even more so as we drove through rural western Ireland.

Photograph of two women posing at Burren National Park

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