Saturday fun at Tokyo Disney Sea

“Jamera, I’ve never heard of Disney Sea. What’s that? Is it a Disney land water park?”

You’ve never heard of Tokyo Disney Sea because it’s the only theme park of that name in the world! Although the park is not owned by the Walt Disney corporation, they still have to use Disney ensignia, imagery, and paraphanalia. They have some type of contract that I’m not all too familiar with.

This trip was in the works for a few weeks and I’ve been dying to visit any Tokyo Disney land and Disney Sea park since I live so close to it. Instead of doing it alone for the first time, I went with a group of friends and I’m glad I did looking back on it. We had a big sleepover and and drove into the park the next day. Whew! I didn’t realize how much I love being in the car and away from the city. I got to see great views of Ibaraki and try sushi for the first time in Japan. 4 months in!

We arrived at the park around 11:15am with plans to spend the whole day there. The last time I had been to a Disney theme park was when I was 8 or 10. I can’t remember my exact age, but I know for a fact that I enjoyed it! So I was super THRILLED to be visiting this unique park and curious to see how different this experience would be in Japan.

Although I’ve never been there, it’s been said that Tokyo Disney Sea (TDS) is like Disney’s Epcot in Orlando, Florida. At TDS, there are multiple water-themed sections that make up the park: American Waterfront, Port Discovery, Mermaid Lagoon, etc. I really appreciate the set design and construction of each section and how clean the park is.

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it was like being back in NYC for the day!

We spent 12 hours getting on every ride that interested us and eating our way through the park’s snacks. If you’re ever at TDS, make sure you get the chicken leg and the tiramisu ice cream sandwich. Man, oh, man! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! The food stalls at the park are filled with Japanese-style snacks and flavors. We did not dine at any of the restaurants, but maybe I’ll try something next time.

The whole day we managed to catch all three of the main shows near the entrance. They were all great, but my favorite show was the last one. Since it’s the park’s 15th year anniversary, I believe the ending shows are super special. The theatrics, song mash-ups and characters are PHENOMENAL. I want to go back just so I can see the final show again. I’m getting excited just remembering how great it was!

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views of the Mediterranean Harbor architecture
waiting on line for the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride

It was a great Saturday and I cannot wait to go back and/or visit Tokyo Disneyland next!

I recorded my entire Disney experience on my snapchat. Make sure to follow me @jamerasharise to keep up with my adventures in Japan!

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