From Da Roota To Da Toota!

All in all, Toronto was an awesome experience and I cannot wait to go back when it’s warmer and continue my exploration of the city. 
Another great thing I noticed while I was in Toronto is that I wasn’t followed around any of the stores 
and was never constantly bugged by the sales associates. It was so relieving not to have to worry that people may think I’ll steal or try to run me out of the store.
Everyone was very kind and their smiles were so genuine! 
Below are a few more photos that were taken during my travels.

 The interior of the store ‘Good Egg’.

I’d really like to get these books! These are book that tell you what you can do in a weekend across the United States and Canada (Blue book) or in Europe (Red book). Hmm.. this may have to go on my Christmas list.

Hmm. Where to next? Montreal? Spain? Tokyo?
I cannot wait until the next adventure, BIG or small.
Until next time.
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