Tune Out Sunday’s | vol. 10

Hey, world, hey!

My mind has been so scrambled for the last two weeks. I returned back to the states a week ago and have been feeling so disoriented  since then. Trying to get back into the grove of things will surely take time, but I feel like I’m experiencing America with new eyes. I don’t feel as connected to the country as I did before I left and I know that’s because of the experience I had in Japan. Before I know it, I’ll get back into the habit of things so I want to be certain to take note of the feelings and sensitivities I’ve been experiencing during this time.

Since I haven’t really been trying anything new, just relearning things I already knew, I’ll just say I’m looking forward to my job hunt and relocation. I’m also itching to get out and start exploring and blogging new things!

What is a high from this past week and a goal you’re trying to achieve for this coming week?

:: featured photo was captured from my time at a Ryokan in Izu
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