Learning Some Thangs Pt. 1

this blog has been a complete showcase of my flaws.

and I’m okay with that!

So the main textbook for my Religion and Marriage class was a book written by Emmanuel Swedenborg named Conjugial Love. Basically Conjugial love is a rare spiritual connection and the truest form of love that a person can experience with their partner. It encourages a relationship with God and useful service and all this other good stuff that you can look up if you’re really interested.
however. . 
What really got to me was Swedenborg’s idea of the inmost qualities within men and women.
  1. Men have a love of becoming wise
  2. While women have a love for that wisdom in a man
Immediately after reading this I felt a bit turned off by this idea. Here I am in 2013 reading a man’s idea of a women’s inmost qualities during the 19th century. So basically a woman exists to caress a man’s ego? Like, we couldn’t possibly have our own agenda or purpose?
This couldn’t possibly apply to me, could it?. . .YES

i’ll explain this part when i’m not sleepy. 
See ya next year!
. . .just jokes
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