You Got’sta Live Your Life To The Fullest!

“she whispered as she peered behind her desk at her office job”

I’m realizing how lazy I am as I write this post.

It is always so difficult for me to get up and do what I have to do. Well, not when it pertains to my studies. I wish I could insert my OCD attitude into all facets of my life and not just into my school work.

A few years weeks ago I wrote a bucket list.
Ask me how many times I’ve looked back at it since I’ve written it. . .
. . .oh.
I just wanted to leave my unfinished list here. Some of it is pretty laughable but It’ll happen! Sheesh!

Jamera’s Bucket/To-Do List

1. Change the world! (Yes, this may be a reach)

2. Write a book (3/4 done with my first one)

3. Travel nationally:

New Orleans
Detroit (Heidelberg Project)
Providence, R.I.
Martha’s Vineyard
Colonial Williamsburg
4. Road trip to and through California

5. Travel Internationally:

Europe (France, Italy, Germany)
UK (England, Ireland, Scotland)
Asia (Bali, Japan)

6. Start a DIY Youtube channel

7. Product Photography

8. Become a prop stylist/ interior stylist

9. Design furniture

10. Learn how to drive internationally

11. Visit various disney world/land sites across the world

12. Live abroad

13. Study abroad

14. Learn better money management

15. Own homes in different locations

16. Challenge myself creatively and intellectually

17. Read more about local, national news as well as international news

18. Become more knowledgable about U.S. politics and more involved

19. Read more books

20. Live a healthier more active lifestyle

21. Get connected with google, Emily Henderson and HGTV
22. Stay connected with BNY
24. Ride a vespa/moped/motorcycle
Welp! That’s all I have so far and I plan on adding a few things to the list as I live. It sort of reads as a to-do list haha!
Bye, ashy!
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