This week has been so relieving so far! After coming off of a weekend inside due to allergies/potential cold, I was happy to find I had no school assignments for the week, so I definitely took full advantage of the free time.

The past few weeks have been super tiring for me. So I was grateful to have the week to relax. Yesterday I went to the movies to see Captain America : Civil War finally. It was my first time experiencing a Japanese Cinema and I must say it was a pleasant one. There were a few differences I noticed, but I’ll speak on that another time.

Today was super busy. I decided to do something that was much needed – get my eyebrows done. In Japan, self care is crazy expensive, with manicures costing you 4,500 yen and UP. Once I saw those prices I realized I would just have to sacrifice those luxuries and do it myself. The one luxury I refused to sacrifice was my eyebrows.

Man, had they grown bushy! Instead of having them waxed, which is what I normally do, I had them threaded. The results were pretty great and surprisingly not painful AT ALL. I went to this place called Joli Nails which is definitely OUT OF THE WAY for me, but it’s an English speaking staff and within my price range.

After my threading appointment, I was STARVING so I decided to head to this sandwich spot that I read about on a blog. I know you’re thinking, “Jamera, you’re in Japan and eating sandwiches?!”
I know…but I had been craving a nice, simple American-style sandwich…and boy were my cravings satisfied! I went to King George, which is a cute shop in Daikanyama. This neighborhood in Shibuya is vibrant and a good place for shopping, but without the craziness of Shibuya.

After my belly was full, I continued to the explore the neighborhood and venture off to another goal.

For a very long time I wanted to own a pair of Birkenstocks (yea, yea, laugh it up) but I’ve always been interested in the look and their functionality. So this week I purchased my first pair of Birkenstocks from the main store near Harajuku station. And I’m thrilled about them!

So now I’m breaking in my Birkies and continuing to binge-watch Charmed until work begins next week!

Hope you guys had a great week!

Catch you on the flip side!

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