Graduate to Expat!

A year ago I was walking across the platform at my college’s gymnasium and collecting my Bachelor of Arts degree. The months following that were riddled with worry, a little bit of self doubt, and then some security. I was lucky enough to find a good job shortly after completing college and I was so thankful for that. However, I knew that there was something else in store for me…something bigger…something foreign.

So I began to make preparations to move to Japan and now here I am writing from my apartment in TOKYO!

I’m learning so much after graduating college, but I can say I’m definitely missing having more time to myself. I’m currently in Japan teaching English and that’s going fine but I’m honestly not having much of a culture shock that I expected to have. In some ways, Japan is so different than New York, but in a lot of ways I see that I’m just in another city where everyone is just trying to enjoy their life.

While the faces and the languages are different I see myself in the woman in the grocery store shopping for ingredients for tonight’s dinner, or the student on the train who is also dying from Japan’s humidity.

I’ve only been here for around 2 months but already I find myself connecting to the people despite the language barriers and cultural differences. I look forward to learning more about myself and this country and sharing it in this space.

Catch you on the flip side!

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