I Ditched Sanitary Napkins And My Life Changed!

The menstrual cycle sucks. I’ll admit it. I think there is no crummier way for our bodies to inform us that we are not withchild, than to cause us psychical pain, mental abuse and special blood. A blood that is so identifiable by scent alone and incredibly ruinous. I don’t know anybody who likes their period, but I really hated mine.

When I was first introduced to “the situation”, it was packaged up to me as a huge moment that symbolized me “being an adult.” I was showered with books and congratulations, while all I remember feeling was dirty, in pain and generally uncomfortable. Why did I have to get THIS? Why couldn’t I just get a car or some other materialistic thing every month as a notice that I wasn’t pregnant? Like, just run me my money! Wouldn’t that be fabulous! God, women who can menstruate would be SO rich!

This is when I was first introduced to sanitary napkins, or pads, as I usually called them. I always preferred pads over tampons, because as I child I couldn’t imagine inserting something into my vagina and THEN I learned about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and it became a full “nope” from me dawg. So every months for years, I would make sure I was stocked up on “Always” pads with wings. While pads are smellier (period blood smells like absolute trash bag when it hits air) and a bit more inconvenient, I thought they weren’t so bad.

That was until about a few years ago when I had started experiencing leakages! These newfound issues brought on such embarrassing moments that I had never experienced before! I became SO paranoid and insecure and watched the way that I walked, the way that I sat and tried different size pads to ultimately change these results.

It was at this time that I had been reading a few articles about the zero waste lifestyle and learning about alternative, environmentally safer replacements to everyday goods, like toothbrushes, utensils, and even sanitary napkins. Similar to cloth diapers, I read about reusable pads that you toss into the washing machine that are much more friendly to the environment compared to the brands I had grown up with. My issue with leaking traumatized me so much that I felt reusable pads weren’t my thing, but one thing that DID stand out to me were this concept of menstrual cups.

Yes, it was the “cup” part that made me gag and squeal when I first read it too. I was absolutely not comfortable enough to be messing around with my period blood. Logistically I didn’t understand how any of it would work! Insert where? How long can it be up there for? How would I even take it out?! So many questions and a lot of fear stopped me for a year! I continued to research these brands and read reviews to fully understand what it took but I was still too afraid, until I had another leakage. . .

I finally buckled and ordered my first menstrual cup – the Lunette Cup. They offered the cup in different sizes and in different colors so it was a bit fun. When it finally arrived I was SO excited, but instantly realized that there was a learning curve. Because I didn’t have the experience with tampons or anything, I didn’t know much about the insertion. After trying different things out, I finally got the hang of it and I honestly haven’t looked back! I LOVE my menstrual cup – I don’t have to deal with any leakages or smells anymore. PLUS, I don’t even have as many cramps either. As I wore it more, I was able to learn my limits and listen to my body and because of this experience I feel closer, more comfortable and more confident in my body and in myself. It’s amazing what trying new things and making small changes can do! Even though I still despise my period, I can say my use of my menstrual cup has made me hate what the process symbolizes. I’m at the stage of acceptance. If you’ve been considering menstrual cups, I highly recommend it. Please do your research to make sure what works best for you. This experience should be comfortable!

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