How Not to Look Like A Troll | Skincare Shenanigans

Have you ever gone a week straight of wearing a full face of makeup and by the end of that week you barely recognize yourself in the mirror? Been there, done that! Sometimes we slay at a cost. Check out a few things I do that keep me looking alive after a week of pounding on the makeup!


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

One thing that I’ve been doing is using overnight masks as moisturizers. I’ve been using the Laniege Water Sleeping Mask and making sure to pat it into my skin until it’s soaked in. I haven’t noticed any negative side effects and my face feels nice and supple throughout the day. In the evenings, I’ll put on a sheet or clay mask (ideally 2x per week). I am loving Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Jelly Sheet Mask. It’s not only hella moisturizing but so fun to put on!

Massage that Face

Along with just feeling good, massaging your face muscles increases blood flow to the face and decreases puffiness. Using jade rollers is super trendy right now, but your hands are just as good and costs you nothing. If you want to feel really good, I’d encourage a complete facial.

Clean it Real Good

When wearing make-up it’s important to make sure you’ve removed every ounce to avoid pimples or build-up. I love using the Micellar make-up wipes from Trader Joes. It’s inexpensive and thoroughly soaked and does a great job as a pre-cleanser. When I move onto double cleansing, I love to follow up with an oil-based cleanser to ensure that the makeup is removed. Regular Almond Oil is affordable and effective and works great for me or a cleansing balm like Clinique’s Take Off The Day. I don’t have sensitive skin, but I’d prefer my cleansing oils to be scent-free, which these are. Then I go in for a final cleanse with a gel-based cleanser. I’ve been obsessed with Tatcha’s The Deep Cleanse. It’s so gentle and the scent is so light.

Stay Put!

Just relax and let your skin breathe. It’s been covered in so much product and deserves some time to rest. Take it out in the sun and love up on it a little. Your skin will thank you for the break.

(SP)F it up!

One way to avoid permanently looking like a troll is to make sure you’re wearing SPF. The suns rays will do much more damage to your face than makeup ever will so it’s super important that you wear your SPF everyday. (Yes, even when it’s not sunny!) My absolute favorite so far is Shiseido’s Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF50. It absorbs so well into my skin and leaves no tint behind. I’ve used my mini version for months and I still have product left! I strongly encourage anyone to try this product out. Do not play yourself by skipping sunscreen!

I hope these tips were useful for you! I love skincare, so if you have any products you’d recommend that makes your skin look blessed, don’t be shy and share in the comments below!

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