Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: 4 Ways I Embrace the Present

I have a problem.

I don’t celebrate my accomplishments and I definitely don’t live in the present. My mind is constantly thinking of the next big moment.

This is something I was becoming aware of in college. For example, as I worked on my senior paper, I was focused on graduating. Then as I geared up for graduation I was constantly thinking of the future jobs, relationships, money, etc. Now in Japan, I’m thinking about my move back to the states.

I think the issue lies in how much I realize how quickly time passes by. I don’t want to miss out on opportunities or things because I’m diddly daddlying, however, I do realize I’m not taking the time to enjoy what’s happening right now.

So I’ve listed a few short bits below on things I’m working on to help me appreciate the now!

+ Meditation

            I have such a problem stopping the noise in my brain. I do find that meditation helps me immensely. By taking deep slow breathes and repeating a simple mantra, I find that my mind truly clears and keeps me from stress so that I’m able to appreciate what’s around me.

+ Going for a walk

            It wasn’t until recently that I discovered a thrift shop, a running trial and more was in my neighborhood until I went for a walk. Pathetic, right?! I was completely surprised and thrilled to discover something new about my community. All it takes is getting out of the house letting your feet take you somewhere.

+ Journaling

            Since I’ve been in Japan I’ve been journaling consistently in addition to blogging when I’m not taking unexplained breaks. It has really helped me to connect with myself and my voice. Plus, it’s great to re-read and compare entries and/or see what cool things I’ve done. It definitely helps to keep me grounded.

+ Initiating Contact with people

            I’m a part of a few groups here in Japan and even though I enjoy doing things by myself and get drained when hanging out, I still think it’s a good idea to reach out to people ad go out and do things. It’s nice to not be inside of your head all the time and actually communicate with people.

Cheers to living in the present with patience and clarity!

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