Where I Stayed: Gardiner House Hostel Review

Your girl just returned from Ireland a week ago and is missing it severely. For our entire trip, we stayed at Gardiner House Hostel. If you have not considered hostels when vacationing, what are you waiting for! If you don’t have the funds to shell out for hotels, which can be quite pricey in Dublin, hostels are the way to go! If you are in the market for a hostel in Dublin, read on to see what I thought of my accommodations.

Gardiner House Hostel


Rating: ~8/10~

From the beginning, the staff at Gardiner House Hostel were really straightforward and helpful. We had booked our beds for Friday, which meant we would have to check in at 3pm. However, our flight arrived on schedule at 12AM early Friday morning, despite it leaving the gate in New York late. Because we hadn’t made any other arrangements and were just exhausted, we reached out to the hostel and they worked with us to make sure we weren’t stranded in the middle of the night in Dublin. On our last night, none of the outlets in our entire room were working and when we called on the attendant, she was a bit flippant about waiting until the next day to hear back from the owner of the building because she didn’t want to and wasn’t allowed to touch the electricity. I completely understood and thought it made sense that she wouldn’t mess around with the entire buildings electricity for just one room. But again, it was our last night so we needed to charge our electronics and were pretty inconvenienced when we had to stay up through the night and charge our phones in the hallway. My feathers were ruffled, but things happen that’s not in your control and you just have to go with it. Other than that blip, the staff were wonderful!

Dorm Room



Rating: ~9/10~

The reason I picked Gardiner House was because the decor looked really modern and it was mentioned that it had recently undergone renovation.  Reviews about about the hostel’s cleanliness stood out to me. You know what was crazy? They weren’t lying. The hostel was really clean. The linens were white as rice, the hardwood floors were spick-and-span, and most importantly, the bathrooms were cleaned like 4 times a day!! Can I get an “AMEN!”. We were staying in Gardiner during peak tourism season in Dublin and the hostel was fully booked the whole weekend, so I was impressed by the fact there were no stray used sanitary napkins near the toilet or hairballs in the showers.


Rating: ~7/10~

The location of Gardiner House Hostel is alright. It’s further down a long avenue full of hostels. This means some nights, it can be noisy as people are coming and going, but when I compare that to what the noise levels would be in the Temple Bar area, I don’t think it’s that bad. A 12-minute walk from Gardiner House, you will find O’Connell, street, a bustling main drag, filled with shops, pubs, and an occasional arcade/casino. To be “close” to O’Connell street was a blessing because you can catch the Airlink shuttle to the airport, it’s the start-off point for the Hop-On, Hop Off Bus, and it’s also the location of the Dublin Tourist Office. If you’re taking a day tour, it’s likely your bus would leave from O’Connell street. Public buses were also super helpful and affordable and ran along the street our hostel was located on and nearby. It only cost me 2.10 in Euros to get to the main downtown area. All the buses are double-decker too! How fun!


Gardiner House Hostel Kitchen


Rating: ~7/10~

Unless you’re staying in a private room, and even then there may be problems, you’re always forgoing some comfort when staying in a hostel. During our weekend in Ireland, we were expecting mostly rainy, cloudy weather, but we fortunately were blessed with sunny days and mild temps. However, during the afternoons, the sun shone directly into our room and essentially turned it into a sauna and because there are no air conditioners in Ireland (they don’t really do summer like America), and the windows only opened a crack, we were miserably hot and sweaty. The bright side of this was that we weren’t in our room very much, so we weren’t greatly impacted by this. I will say the cleanliness of the hostel and delightful demeanor of our roommates, really made me feel more comfortable and relaxed about the hostel situation.


Rating: ~9/10~

Free breakfast at hostels is always a perk for me and good free breakfast is like, “Woah, baby, sign me up!” We only had the breakfast our last full day in Dublin and they had. . . CREPES! When I tell you I threw down on that nutella and banana crepe! It was so good, but I digress. Gardiner House is located in this beautiful Georgian townhouse. It has a full large kitchen in the basement with multiple eating areas. The wifi worked beautifully throughout our stay and the bathrooms, were  spotless. I was genuinely impressed to find this outdoor patio area behind the house that was beautifully lit in the evenings with fairy lights. The check-in area was loaded with fliers full of fun opportunities in and outside of Dublin. There were always people coming in and going, but it never felt overcrowded and small. In the basement there was also washer and dryer and food storage for long-term residents.


Dorm Room with people
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I would definitely stay here again and encourage you to try it out! This hostel is affordable, clean, in a good, safe location and has loads of amenities! Hopefully you enjoyed this review and the last one like it! If you have any more questions about the hostel, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to get to you!

Gardiner House Hostel overall rating: 8.5/10

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