Embracing Domesticity

Remember those Saturday morning when your mother would wake you up with Mary J. Blige blasting on the stereo and the smell of disinfectant wafting through the air? Then she would barge into your room calling your name to get up and clean something?


I used to hate that! But now it seems I have become that person that not only embraces cleaning, but actually enjoys it. I recently had the most traumatizing experience with bugs in my apartment. In Japan, during the summer months, the most daring and awful critters invite themselves into your apartment and wreak havoc on your mental health!

This is not to say I am some slob. I actually keep my apartment cleaner than my college dorm and it is MUCH smaller. But this experience has taught me to be consistent with organizing and developing a good habit with putting items where they belong. Because of this my mind feels clear and I’m not so stressed out.

So for all you people out there, keep this in mind:

Clear space = Clear mind

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