Architecural Digest Home Design Show

So a couple of weeks ago, I spoke to the interior design consultant at my favorite furniture store. Among the amazing advice he gave me, he also told me about the annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show. Although I am passionate about interior design I am a complete newbie. Therefore, I was blown away by this news and interested in attending. 

So that’s what I did. . .
yes, I probably could have used a better picture. but I didn’t. Dah, welp!

A lot of people (including myself) weren’t exactly certain of what a “home design show” was but I had an idea. When I arrived there, the venue (Pier 94) was a bit crowded but manageable. Thankfully I made it in time to see the first seminar that was a part of the NY Times seminar series entitled “Small Space Living: Don’t Think Small”: 
This speakers for this seminar were interior designers Dale Cohen, Barbara Horowitz and Cynthia Byrnes of art + interiors. Out of all of the three seminars I attended, this one was my favorite. The main gist of this seminar was to not get discouraged by a small space. They showed photos and spoke of their experience, which included living nicely in a 240 sq. ft. ( no, I did not say that wrong) place. As a college student and eventual home owner/renter, I don’t expect to be in a spacious apartment when I first move out and I learned a lot of useful information that I can apply in the years to come as well as pass on to my peers. I will also delve into those useful tips given by Barbara Horowitz in another post. 

Since I had spent most of the time attending the seminars, I didn’t really get to see all of the amazing pieces that were there. But here were a few that I really enjoyed: 

Cool vintage-inspired pieces:
I love the older colorful appliances. The color brings a newness to the appliances but it also contradicts with the style of a later period. I also love that it is something different from the very popular stainless steel appliances.

Awesome ship lights that would look awesome as pendants over a kitchen counter:

International Appliances? Yes, Please! 
There really is something about these French stoves and ovens. I think it brings a regal style of living into a kitchen.

Loving these Italian stoves and ovens:

Who doesn’t love color?
I know I do and I love the collaboration of the blue and yellow. I love how it makes you feel happier. I would say, though, that as beautiful as the set up is, it doesn’t look inviting. It may be the material that is on the chair and the height of the flowers.

 This beaut, though?! AB-FAB! I could just imagine myself, legs crossed, sitting there and reflecting. I think since the chair is yellow, it also brings good vibes into the room. This may be a bit too loud for someone, but I love it!

 Cool outdoor set up. I can’t remember what material that couch was in though. I feel like saying leather but I can’t remember. Dangit! Dahh..welp!

 One last really cool industrial piece: 
This made me question if DJ’s still use turntables. Maybe it’s the legit ones that do. Yo no conozco!

Side note: As an amateur I didn’t realize at that moment that I should’ve taken down the names of the companies that had this awesome furniture. My apologies! Also, as an amateur, my terminology isn’t up to par yet! In my next design-related post I will write down the steps and advice tips the ladies of the seminar gave. 

Until next time. . 

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