Adventure TIME?!?!

Adventure time is just beginning!

So, I live in New York City. Yes, this thriving metropolis that is known for its larger than life buildings and exuberant energy, is my home. I have lived in NYC all of my life but it wasn’t until recently that i have begun to really see what New York has to offer me and that is plays, wonderful museums, yoga classes and many other things.¬†
Let’s not forget those summer events!
NYC in the summer is hot and sticky and dangerous, yet it is also busy, exciting and full of crazy, fun events. Most of the time, these events are free too! Now for years, these unknown truths have been at some unattainable level that I’ve never thought to reach for. And once I realized what was out there I never looked back!
Since I am only in the city until late August I knew I would have to make the best out of it and I WILL.
I also thought I’d share my experiences here as well so people who visit or who are already living in the city know that these events are cool and interesting and most of all, that they are HAPPENING. . . NOW!


So a small list that I have planned off the top of my head are things like:
  • Attending fashion bloggers’ swap and shop events (just to network. . and maybe even shop)
  • Attending an event hosted by Architectural Digest¬†
  • Attending a panel titled “Do’s and Don’t Of Designing Your Own Line” (I believe this can apply to anything really)
  • Going On A Seasonal photography tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard (EVERYONE GO VISIT BLDG 92 – VISITOR CENTER!!)
  • Attending a cooking class at Eatlay
  • Carnival in Queens
  • Tenement Museum (this should be at the top of the list!)
  • Checking out some art galleries
  • Movies in the park!
  • Weekend getaway to a lake
  • And just simply exploring my city!

Now that is all I can think of at the moment but YEAH.

I thought it would be cool to blog about my experiences so..
stay tuned

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