6 Things I Miss About NYC

Now that I’ve been living in Japan going on 8 months, I’m definitely feeling some nostalgia for the “Big Apple.” Maybe it’s the grit and griminess of the city, or the huge international population that’s got me reminiscing on the good times. Whatever the case, I decided to type out a few things I miss about concrete jungle.

+ Museums

From a young age I’ve been attracted to the various and plentiful museums the city has to offer. From museums that are internationally known to one that is not safe for the kiddos, to one that delves into New York’s 19th century history through architecture and immigration, to one that makes your belly rumble with happiness. I miss the museums and the communities that are brought together at these institutions.

+ Markets

As I type this I’m sure the people at Urbanspace are putting the final touches on for the Union Square Holiday Market or celebrating the recent opening of Broadway Bites in Greeley Park for the season. I love that most times in the city there is always a market, festival, or parade to experience. I think it’s at these places you really get a feel of the best of NYC.

+ Random happenings

I remember last year as I was exploring the Lower East Side I walked by two girls dressed as clowns. Don’t worry! It’s not those killer clowns I keep reading about. These clowns were passing out flyers to an event that was about to start in a nearby building. So when I asked what it was about and the girls told me, it’s a showing of short films I thought, “Oh, yes! This event is FREE and I’m able to see amazing short films!” Sign. me. up.

my battery also happened to be dying and needed to be charged and this place had refreshments! 
When life gives you lemons..

So I get to the little studio, plug in my phone, pop a squat and wait for the show to start. To this day I have no idea what I actually saw! The imagery was so bizarre and off-putting that I couldn’t decipher the messages. But, my phone needed to charge for at least 30 minutes to get enough juice…so I waited. Other than the mostly bizarre films, I was able to see a good short film about murals. I left afterwards, but this awfully long story is just an example of all the random things that happen to you on a regular day in NYC! I miss that.

+ Family

I do miss my family. I miss the comfort of having people around who know me . I miss my sister and I vlogging our visit to the MET museum or introducing my mom to my current favorite restaurant. I miss visiting my grandparents in the Bronx and watching the Orchard Beach fireworks from their balcony on a summer’s eve. I miss driving a few hours to visit my aunt and uncle upstate and stopping off at an orchard or seeing an independent film in Hudson. all that good stuff!

+ Proximity to other major cities

The great thing about being in NYC is the proximity to other amazing cities. You have major cities like Philadelphia, Buffalo, New Haven, Boston, D.C. and Baltimore not very far away. I love road tripping so it’s nothing for me to drive down to Philly for the weekend or head up to Rhode Island for the Newport Jazz Festival. Better yet, if you get tired of the U.S. you can drive or fly to Canada and be in Toronto or Montreal so easily! it’s LiT! 

+ Community

Attending a protest against police brutality is an obvious somber experience, but there is also this undeniable feeling of community that exists as well. I think for all the crap people give about New York being so cold and lonely I believe there is a community here for everyone. I remember going to these hair and blogger events or protests and feeling so connected to the other patrons. The community is there – you just have to find your perfect fit.

So that is my super short list and I’m stopping before I get to talking about the food in NYC, which honestly is a whole separate post…Don’t get me started on the Haitian patties,  Trinidadian doubles with tamarind sauce, Ample Hills Creamery, the pizza (OMG). I could go on, but I won’t!

Instead, please let me know what are some things you love about your hometown in the comments below! 

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