4 Reasons You Need to Visit Solebury Orchards

After visiting a few orchards / farms in Pennsylvania, I can say wholeheartedly that Solebury Orchards is my favorite. Despite it being one hour away from me, you will find me going there far too often. But once you finally venture out to rural Bucks County to visit Solebury Orchards you will completely see why it’s the best. Check out why you need to plan a day trip there below!

Photo of Solebury Orchards - Jaunting Jamera


Get Your Loved Ones Hooked

Ever since college I’ve been talking about Solebury Orchards and how amazing it is there and even when I was living back in New York City, I encouraged my family to take trips there for apple-picking fun. It wasn’t until this year that I finally talked my mother into going apple-picking with me and even though she was lowkey hesitant, once she bit into the juicy Honeycrisp apple and sipped that fresh apple juice, she was converted! She’s been there twice with me in the last 2 months to get her fix and all I can do is smugly sit by and say “I told you so.” I’m sure you and your family will be just as hooked when you visit too! You’re welcome in advance.

Solebury Orchards Jaunting Jamera

Scenic Views

There is nothing like getting out of the city and inhaling that fresh, crisp fall air. While it’s a bit of a drive away, it’s so fun to make a day of it and take in the gorgeous views and the beautiful homes that are both quaint and grandiose in size. With the orchard being a few minutes from the historic New Hope district, there are definitely multiple things you can do to fill up your day. And now that the leaves are changing, the view is even more breathtaking!

Get Involved

At Solebury Orchards there is a market for people who would rather just purchase fruits and other goods, instead of doing pick-your-own, but I feel like the produce takes better when you work for it (unless it’s strawberries – that’s just painful). It’s such a great bonding moment to go with family or friends and walk through the orchards and select the best, tastiest fruits.

Doughnuts, Doughnuts, and more Doughnuts

The apple cider doughnuts are THE. BEST. I wish it weren’t true because they wouldn’t be as addicting as they are, but it is! Along with people rolling up to pick up fresh peach butter, apple butter, pear butter, apple juice, plums, peaches, and other seasonal snacks, people are always lined up for some fresh soft apple cider doughnuts. I honestly wouldn’t judge you if you only visit for just that purpose – it’s worth it!

Fall at Solebury Orchards - Jaunting Jamera

I hope these reasons are enough to get you out there! While it’s a smaller farm, and is always packed during the fall season, there is parking on the grounds. The staff make picking so easy with consistent wagon drop-off, bags supplied for dropping your fruits into and even ladders to reach higher up for those tempted. What is your favorite orchard in your city?

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